Ahead of the Curve! We got Heroic Gul'dan Down!

by Terbear, 17 days ago

Great job last night everyone! We got heroic Gul'dan down. It was a messy kill but a kill is a kill. Congrats to all that this was their first kill! Next step is to get some more gear in prep for Tomb coming out on the 20th.

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First Progression Pics of Legion!

by Terbear, 20 days ago


We had an amazing night tonight!!!! We 1 shot every boss up to our progression point, High Botanist, which we also 1 shot then got Elisande the same way!!!

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Raiding Progress

by Terbear, 21 days ago

     So far we are 7/7 in heroic EN, 3/3 in normal ToV, and 7/10 in heroic NH even though it isn't recorded right on wowprogress since we didn't have a majority but was the same people that have been going most raid nights. As of it is now we have just 2 more weeks of raids before Tomb comes out and I would love for us to get to heroic Gul'dan before then if possible. The goal is to try and get to him if not kill him on heroic so next week going to try and push the heroic lockout after this week and try to cut normal mode until Tomb. Also when Tomb comes out going to start taking group pictures of our first kills again.

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